What Gets Rid of Fleas Fast

If you have a full blown flea infestation the truth is no single treatment of your pets, nor any individual pesticide spray working alone will solve your problem. While they are a vital key to getting rid of fleas quickly chemical solutions alone will almost certainly not be enough. If your pet or pets have been treated (preferably by a veterinarian or with vet recommended products) the answer to what gets rid of fleas fast might be some type of flea bomb. This, however, is very iffy and the reasons for that lies both with the nature of fleas and with the type of pesticide contained in most flea bombs.

The Killing Power Doesn’t Last and The Fleas Often Just Jump Away.

The typical flea bomb has no residual killing properties. They will kill almost anything, they hit directly, but their potency may not last much longer than an hour. Any fleas not contacted by the active ingredient in the bomb escape. Since fleas are one of the best jumpers in the animal kingdom it’s no surprise many of them simply jump out of harm’s way.

Flea bombs might work if it’s feasible to shut off the area being sprayed. However this is very difficult to do, since fleas are so small. The other problem with flea bombs is the fact many only kill the adult fleas. The eggs, larvae and pupae are left unaffected. This is the best flea medicine for cats.

Treat Your Pets, Kill The Adults, Use A Growth Regulator

There is difference of opinion among professional pest control experts whether or not flea bombs have a place in getting rid of fleas or are a big waste of time. People understandably choose to use them because they so desperately hope to be rid of their fleas. Besides the fact that flea infestations are no fun at all the cost of professional treatments can be prohibitive, fleatreatmentcenter.com/ovitrol-plus-flea-and-tick-shampoo.
Be prepared to move things.Still, reasonable people will agree that the magic bullet style solution represented by flea bombs is not the best approach. Instead your attack on these parasites should be comprehensive and involve several components. Your pet will need to be treated, preferably by a veterinarian and on the same day as your home A residual insecticide to kill adult fleas must be applied to all areas to which your pets have access. You will also need an insect growth regulator to prevent the pupae from becoming reproducing adults. A growth regulator is contained within some flea killing insecticides or can be bought and applied separately..

You’ll want to vacuum daily before and for two to three weeks after treatment. Vacuuming helps eliminate food sources for the flea larvae and can eliminate some of the fleas themselves. Furniture and other items on the floor will need to be moved so the areas under them can be treated.. Use a flea bomb if you must but the multi faceted attack described here is what really gets rid of fleas fast.