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How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs


Locksmith services have undergone a lot of revolution. In the past, locksmiths were only tasked with duplicating keys and changing locks. Today, most locksmith companies have gone full-throttle into home security, providing a number of services to ensure your home is burglar-proof. Below are some of the services that a professional locksmith in Charlotte offers to make sure your home has airtight security. Continue reading to learn more.

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

  • Domestic Security Services

Because of increasing number of burglary cases today, most homeowners have become aware of have become aware about their security. They have come up with creative solutions to ensure your home is not under any risk of being broken into. These services ensure intruders don’t find it easy to access your home.

These companies go as far as providing security system installation services like security alarms, cameras and smoke detectors. These ensure that you are alerted in case of a security breach.

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

  • Commercial Services

Some of the big boys in the industries have even ventured into commercial locksmith services. They have designed products that cover shopping malls, schools, offices and even corporate entities. They offer services unique to a client to ensure that at no time is the security compromised. They put in place clearance levels by providing security codes on locks for things like safes. Features like fingerprint-based locks are also provided.

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

  • Intercom Systems

Intercoms allow office workers and receptionists to control who enters in and out of the door without leaving their desks. Intercom systems have a lot of features, and come at different price ranges. Most locksmith companies will have options according to your budget. There are those systems that only use audio, which allow you to know the person at the door and their credentials. Other systems come with fully functional videos, and zooming features that allow you to capture any activity you want.

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

  • Car Protection Services

Locksmiths have ventured into manufacturing locks that keep cars and valuable assets in it safe and secure. Although the automobile lock system is diverse and complicated, many locksmiths offer services like ignition key replacement and unlocking the car.

How Locksmith Services Have Evolved to Meet Changing Security Needs

  • Emergency Services

Locksmiths also offer emergency services. You may find yourself locked outside your home after losing your keys and you need emergency services. There are also times when you may be locked in your car after misplacing your keys. All you need is to call a locksmith in Charlotte, NC to change or duplicate your keys.

It is necessary that you have contacts of a locksmith company to help you in cases of emergencies. You could be in need of emergency services in the middle of the night so it’s better to always have someone you can run to.



Locksmith services have evolved a lot with time. Those days when they were only called upon to change or replace locks are long gone. Today, locksmiths offer lots of critical services that only guarantee the safety of a home, but also businesses and offices. Form offering domestic security services to car security services to emergency services, locksmiths are all round professionals who provide complete security to homes and premises. They are not the traditional key cutters that many people have come to think of them. They have even ventured into commercial services to secure businesses, schools and corporate entities. Call a locksmith today and you will be surprised at the range of services that they offer.

Easy Home Security Methods

I was watching a cable show a few months ago about a former burglar that provided tips to homeowners. The reformed bad guy would persuade the homeowner to allow him to attempt to break into their home. Thus, showing the homeowner the vulnerable points in their home. Surprisingly, a lot of the people readily agreed. They would leave their house as usual in the morning and go to work. The burglar would then check their home security for easy entry points. The former burglar believed that a lot of people could easily improve their home security by taking a few easy steps. Let’s take a closer look.

Lock Windows

Statistics show that most burglars gain entry to a home through an open door or window. Well, nine times out of ten this is true. The family in the television show left their bedroom windows unlocked. They also failed to repair the lock on a kitchen window. It is important to add functioning locks to windows, and keep all windows locked. Key locks add extra security to windows. It is also a good idea to invest in wire mesh glass windows, which are more difficult to break.

Real Security Camera

Burglars like to avoid detection at any cost. Nearly half of the burglars in a survey stated that they avoid any home security cameras in instantly. One home in the television show had fake security cameras at the entry door. Certainly, video surveillance will stop a burglar from targeting a home. However, it is essential to avoid the fake or dummy cameras. Professional criminals recognize the fake cameras quickly. Have you noticed that the fake ones include blinking lights? Well, this was a quick give away to the former burglar in the television show.

Barking Dogs

Burglars do not like barking dogs. They draw attention to their criminal acts. Don’t have a real dog? Well, you don’t have to rush out and buy a dog just yet. Instead, place a beware of the dog sign on your front door or window. Place a dog bowl in the back yard with a dog chain. Add a dog house for extra punch. The former burglar in the television show talked about avoiding houses with signs of a dog. Dogs were unpredictable. Some big dogs would either attack immediately or follow him around the house in a threatening manner and block his exit. The small dogs were the worst. They would just keep barking, until they woke up the entire home.

Loud Alarms

Another easy home security method to stop the bad guy is to use a loud door alarm or window alarm. The former pro burglar suggested placing those alarms on all windows and doors. If a burglar opens a door or window a loud alarm sounds to alert the entire house or neighborhood.

Try these easy home security methods to stop burglars from targeting your home. Check out this site.