Awesome Paintball Blogs: Look Who’s Talking

Part of the fun of enjoying any sport is the opportunity you have to engage in it to any degree you wish. Fortunately, paintball is no different. And one of the extensions of enjoying the sport after you have gotten done for the day is reading about it in the number of magazines, and other outlets. One of these, thanks to the Internet age, are blogs. Interestingly enough, all you need to do is to Google “paintball blogs” and you will come up with many blogs on the sport, covering everything from the most basic information to every technical detail you could possibly want. Here are just a few:


The Paintball Professor ( If you think paintball can’t appeal to eggheads, check out the Paintball Professor for what seems like an endless supply of information on the topic, from the very basics to the most arcane technical details. They have great info on different Paintball marker.


Tippmann ( From birth it seems like we are taught to shy away from manufacturer-sponsored information, but when it comes to Tippmann, there is plenty of good stuff here for everyone’s benefit. Of course, they are slanted a little toward their own products, but there is lots of good information here, including that. This is a great blog for tips on how to be a better paintballer.


Ultimate Paintball Blog ( If you are really into the technical aspects of guns and other equipment for paintball, you are a natural for Ultimate Paintball. This is also a good blog if you are looking to know exactly what new equipment is coming out. If you find yourself reading more than one paintball blog, make sure Ultimate is one of them.


Paintimpact (Best Paintball Gun Reviews 2016 – The Complete Resource – Who could be into paintball and not be interested in what the people associated with the sport are doing? Fortunately, that’s exactly what Paintimpact is all about. Here’s one blog that will give you more information about the sport than you could possibly want in regards to who the up-and-coming players are and what they are doing. If you plan on being one of these, it’s a good start to know who they are:


Dye ( Here’s another that is heavy into the news aspects of the paintball game. If you want to know what events are coming up, where, and who is playing, this is a good blog to keep up with.


Alpha Paintball ( This is another blog that is dedicated to the people news of paintball. Their style is a lot of fun to read with things like your prospects of getting a job as a human paintball target (starts at 61K) to the newest in indoor paintball courses.


So, those are just a few of the many paintball blogs that are available to those who have paintball in their blood. None of this will satisfy the truly addicted, but it’s fun nonetheless.