5 unusual things you never knew your sewing machine could do

A sewing machine is known to sew fabric. But is there anything else this machine can do? Probably yes and here are the 5 unusual things it can do — embroidery techniques that you must try out to explore your machine’s full potential. In fact, trial and error is what will help you know your sewing machine and how it works, right?

1 Couching

Couching is a process where a tailor will attach a thread onto a fabric with small stitches in a similar or contrasting thread so as to add texture to that piece of fabric. This is a technique that used to be done by hand, traditionally. But your sewing machine could also do it.

2 Smoking

sewing machine1Smocking in sewing machines could also be referred to as shirring. This technique gives your fabric some stretch. Smoking was historically done using a thread, but is commonly done with dresses and blouses. However, when tailors use their sewing machines, they use elastic so they can achieve quick and efficient results.

The best fabric to work with during smoking is light material. You can also add steam with an iron box so as to encourage the fabric to pull in tighter.

3 Perforating

This is a great technique often used in paper crafts, scrap-booking or even card making. However, for one to achieve good results with this technique, they have to use a thick or thin paper while working their way in reverse.

Furthermore, perforating is also a good way of engaging kids when it comes to stitching. When they create pre-made holes in different designs, they can teach themselves how to sew and also embroider.

However, when practicing this technique, the settings of the sewing machine should be adjusted in a certain way. So make sure you’ve paid attention to the following things:

– Tension —> N/A Bobbin –> empty

– Stitch length —> Personal preference

– Feed Dogs —> Out of action

– Foot —> Darning foot

4 Thread decoration

You could come up with your own yarn and thread the easy way. You can take advantage of your funky thread for couching by hand. Alternatively, there’s the option of doing a zigzag pattern onto your fabric using the help of the sewing machine.

5 Needle felting

In this technique, you will take 2 dry fibers and matte them into one fabric. So in the event that you have an old but functional sewing machine lying around, this could be a great art to pass time with. However, a standard sewing machine needs to be converted into a needle felting machine in order to handle this task. Luckily, these kits can be bought online, and they can change your machine to do what you want it to do.

These sewing machines typically use multiple needles when felting one fabric. Most people haven’t tried needle felting, but it can be a very exciting activity.


Your sewing machine can do a number of tasks you didn’t expect it to handle. With slight modification of the settings and functionality, you can actually carry out a number of tasks with it. So if you want to be creative with your machine, these 5 points will inspire you to get started.

A Flexible Power Source

Portable Generators

portable generator1Power equals life and it is true that we all hate it when power goes out. Worst is that the least we can do is wait until the power comes back on and this can take a couple of hours, days or even weeks depending on the circumstances that caused the power to go off. It is for this reason that you need a back up portable generator so that you avoid being left in the dark. A portable generator is a device, powered by gas or diesel, which provides temporary power in case of a power outage. They are are very important for your family, business or your trip.


First, they offer emergency back up. With a portable generator you will relax and have a settled mind knowing that you will not be left in the dark in case of power outage. They are also useful during trips and camping. Since they are portable you can carry them to your campsite and make necessary use of them. Furthermore they can be used during outdoor parties which you can organize in a local park or in your backyard. They are also life savers, this is in case of emergencies that disrupt power supply in hospitals, portable generators can be used to power relevant life saving machines. Their uses are diverse and for this reason I think a portable generator is must have for your family and your business.


Portable generators have various advantages. First they are mobile meaning you can easily carry them around to whatever place you want to use them. It also means that they will provide you with power wherever you are. The standard models have wheels and a handle which ensure mobility. Most important is the fact that the tyres in the wheels never run flat hence convenient for use. There are also smaller models which are light hence you can carry them by hand.

Portable generators are also very easy to use. They do not require any special technical skills, all you need to do is follow the instructions available on the user manual and you will be good to go. It is easy to get the generator running, you just have to pull the recoil ir press the button of the electric start depending on what model you are using. They are also easy to maintain.

With a portable generator, you can still have the comfort that you are used to even during power outage. This is because your portable generator can power your fridge,freezer, microwave, computer, television set and even a number of lights simultaneously.

Another advantage of portable generators is that they are very safe to use. They come with a range of safety features that greatly reduce the risk of damage and injuries. The benefits and uses of a portable generator cannot be overlooked, they are so obvious. Trust me they are a must have both for your family and your business so get one today and enjoy all the aforementioned benefits and many more that you can realize by using it.

A Happy Cat Is a Flea-Free Cat: 5 Steps to Flea-Freedom

Fleas are one thing that don’t make cats happy. In fact, one researcher was able to provide effective flea treatment to a feral cat family…and they all became tame. Here is an animal rescuer’s simple five-step system for freedom from cat fleas.

1. Wash.

flea treatment1Whether or not you find fleas on your cat, there are likely to be fleas in your cat’s bed or cushions, or in cushions the cat sits on. Fleas spend most of their time hiding in places where the animals they attack have recently been. (If the animals suddenly go away, they may hop out into the open and look for other animals to attack…even inappropriate species, such as humans.)

So, your first line of defense against cat fleas is to wash anything your cat has been sitting on, at least once a week. Use hot water if possible. Toxic chemicals are not necessary if you can expose the fleas to boiling hot water. Clean the lint filters in the washer and dryer after laundering, in case fleas or eggs have hidden in them.

2. Vacuum.

Fleas reproduce by laying microscopic eggs, which drop to the floor. When these eggs hatch, the microscopic flea larvae live on dust until they mature into fleas. A good vacuum cleaning will remove most flea eggs. Vacuum any rooms in your house, or the porch or the basement, where your cat hangs out.

Flea larvae can live and thrive inside a vacuum bag, so be sure to remove and burn the contents after vacuum cleaning.

3. Prevent.

The simplest way to kill fleas before they reinfest your pet’s living quarters is to put something that is toxic to flea larvae under your pet’s bed or cushion.

* Borax, or washing soda, is a natural insecticide that works on fleas and flea larvae. It is safe for humans and pets (except birds, who may eat it and make themselves sick), but irritating on contact.

* Diatomaceous earth is a more expensive natural insecticide that is less abrasive to human body tissues.

* You may be able to find a good price on a commercially prepared roach and ant powder, which will probably consist of borax cut with flour or cornstarch.

Apply a fine coat of any of these materials to the floor under places where your pet normally rests.

Some herbs help to repel fleas. Perfuming your pet’s bed with one or two bay leaves, or with dry herbs like rosemary or pennyroyal, won’t provide adequate protection all by itself, but it may make fleas less likely to follow your pet’s scent to your home, and it’s a natural, healthy way to perfume the room.

4. Bathe (if possible).

Some cats learn to enjoy being immersed in water for a few minutes. Turkish Van cats typically like to go for a swim. Cats of other breeds usually dislike being wet, but if they are suffering from fleabites on a hot day, they can learn to associate being wet with relief from discomfort.

If bathing your cat is a possibility, you may be able to use an anti-flea shampoo if your vet recommends one. (Products marketed for dogs are designed to kill or repel a different kind of fleas, and may have no effect on cat fleas.)

5. Apply flea treatment as directed.

Ask your vet to recommend a flea treatment product.

Why should you ask the vet and not just use any old product? Fleas evolve resistance to different treatments over time. Additionally, some flea treatments, though effective on fleas, may turn out to be harmful to cats. Furthermore, some substances that kill or repel fleas break down over time. So, an old flea treatment product that has been stored for a few years may still have some effect on fleas, or it may have none. Ask your vet about the products that are currently on the market in your area.

Always follow the instructions when using flea control products. Even herbal products can be toxic in high concentrations.

All done!

While washing and vacuuming need to be repeated regularly to prevent re-infestation, you and your cat should now be flea-free. Curl up and enjoy a good nap!

Drills With Cords Versus Cordless Drills

cordless-drillCordless drills are quickly becoming more popular than other types of drills. They’re much easier to handle in general. The cord of a more traditional drill is going to get in the way more often than not. People who are doing home improvement projects are going to need as much dexterity as possible, and they can reach those standards more easily thanks to cordless drills.

Many people doing home improvement projects have to get into places that are difficult to reach. Not every home improvement project is going to involve drilling screws into areas that are easily accessible and don’t require ladders or other tools just to make the areas within reach. Purchasing cordless drills can make the entire experience that much easier.

Cordless Drills and Maximum Power

According to ThoroughlyReviewed.com’s Cordless Drill Buyers Guide, choosing the power level for a cordless drill is going to present some challenges for people who are doing home improvement projects. For one thing, the capabilities that a drill has in terms of its power will probably add a lot to the price. Some people are going to need to have the most powerful cordless drill on the market. For other people, getting a drill that powerful is going to represent something of a pointless extravagance.

Many people who are doing their own home improvement projects are going to need to stay within a tight budget. Spending too much money on a cordless drill for no reason is not going to represent a sound investment. While many companies will boast about the capabilities of their cordless drills, individuals should ask themselves whether or not this a quality that’s going to be very important for their purposes.

A lot of people will also evaluate the power of individual cordless drills by only looking at the voltage, and that’s just one of the underlying factors. An 18-volt drill is not necessarily the most powerful one. Plenty of people have gotten great results using drills that had around 15-volt capabilities.

Cordless Drills and Staying Power

Many people who are doing home improvement projects should prioritize the staying power of their cordless drills, as opposed to prioritizing other characteristics. The staying power of any drill is admittedly a difficult characteristic to measure. While people can pay attention to the battery life of the drill in question, as well as the overall battery capacity of those batteries, those measurements aren’t necessarily going to tell the whole story.

People who are on the lookout for the best cordless drills on the market should be sure to read customer reviews of each and every one of them. They will need to know what the actual experience of using them is like. Making estimations based on the cordless drill specifications isn’t going to be perfectly reliable. However, it is still a good idea to take those specifications into account. People who are part of the woodworking community are probably going to find recommendations for the best cordless drills everywhere, and they should take those recommendations seriously.

Learning About Portable Generators

generator-guideEmergency portable generators are the life savers when the electrical power is out. However, there is more to them than meets the eye. There are some factors that people need to know before they purchase one. There are two main factors to understand when choosing a portable generator. First, you need to know what you need the portable generators to run. This is called the “output watts.” Then you need to know the start-up wattage or the maximum output watts. Also, aside from a motor wattage, other loads like those of an electric water heater, can place a great strain on a generator’s output. Many devices need more power to start-up, but less power to run continually.

Wattage Sized Generators and their Usage

● Medium Generators:
Medium generators (3,000-5,000 watts) may be relatively small, but they can run key appliances in an emergency. With more wattage than a smaller camping generator, medium sized portable generators can simultaneously power several appliances, including a refrigerator, a sump pump, and a furnace fan. A medium sized generator can be run from the outside, with a long extension cords through an open door or window to the inside appliances.

● Large Generators:
A large emergency portable generator (6,000-9,000 watts) works best with manual transfer switches that can restore power up to 10 circuits in a main electrical panel. They can be used to power multiple rooms in the home, but not necessarily a central air conditioner.

● X-Large Generators:
When you need the strength of a generator to help power even a central air condition, a portable generator with 10,000+ watts, is the best buy. X-large portable generators are not an automatic machine, even though they have a standard electric start.

How To Connect Generators

Connecting portable generators is another important factor that individuals need to know about and to be prepared for:

Extension Cords
A portable generator should not be plugged into a standard extension cord with two pronged ends. A heavy-duty exterior extension cord is a better option, especially when plugging appliances directly into the machine. A power-transfer switch is another great electrical option for running emergency portable generators.

Power Transfer Systems
A power transfer system is a specialized circuit-breaker panel that is wired into a home’s standard circuit-breaker panel. Without a transfer panel you’ll need a lot of different extension cords to run from the generator to the appliances that you want to keep operational, however, this is rather dangerous. A power transfer system separates circuits to be powered, while also blocking generated current from flowing into the normal grid outside of the home. Simply, it includes a manual transfer switch, a power cord, and an optional powered inlet box. A power-transfer system can power hard-wired appliances like a furnace.

Power and Operating Capabilities

Many portable generator models can be connected to the home’s natural gas line, which eliminates the necessity to fill fuel tanks. Standby system wattages range from 6,000 up to 40,000+, plus they can start automatically if no one is at home. To pick out the right portable generator needed in an emergency, add up the wattage of the appliances or equipment, then choose a generator with the “running” wattage to match or that exceeds that total load. Portable generators are used to operate residential homes, industrial businesses, recreational equipment like RVs, trailers, farm equipment, and so much more.

Fuel For Portable Generators

Portable generators can run by gasoline, natural gas, diesel, or propane. The benefits of each are as follows:

• Gasoline: easy to use and carry for smaller generators, but it has a short shelf life.

• Natural Gas: there is no refilling needed; it burns clean; easily available during power outages.

• Diesel: a safe, nearly non-flammable fuel and easy to get when needed.

• Propane: has a long shelf life; can be stored safely in small to large tanks; easily obtainable; and it burns very cleanly.

Portable Generator Safety

As valuable as portable generators are during power outages, owner’s must always remember how to use them safely. Some safety tips, include:

• Carbon Monoxide: the exhaust from generators contains carbon monoxide. Therefore, only run generators outside and far away from doors, windows, and vents.

• Electrocution: generators produces plenty of electrical power to cause shocks or electrocutions. Therefore, do not use a generator in wet environments, nor handle them with wet hands.

• Fire: there are some generator parts that become very hot during their operation and they can remain hot for a while after the engine has stopped. Only store a generator after the engine has completely cooled. Keep a generator at least 3 feet from buildings because they need 3 feet of clearance on the top and all around, for cooling.


Generator Centric – http://www.generatorcentric.com


THE PERFECT SLEEP:Memory Foam Mattress

perfect-sleepGood sleep after a hectic day is all one needs. A consumer would feel more tired when they remember the kind of bad mattress that awaits them at home is like going on a second job. Sleep does not matter like the kind of mattress one is sleeping on. The memory foam mattress is the best trending mattress in this 21st century. There are foam mattresses companies that are known for making the very best of the mattress foam, the companies are approved by trusted, trading standards and trusted sellers that give the consumer peace of mind and perfect sleep. Most individual mattress brands have their own pros and cons, the spring, foam, air latex and water among others are some of the specs consumers should checks on when purchasing the memory foam.

The memory foam mattress has several brands and models, which are affordable. The mattress is a pain relief to a tired body. It has cool temperature that keeps the body controlled. The prices of the memory foam mattresses are pocket friendly. The foam mattresses are rated as a five star and are collected by hundreds of thousands of consumers who purchase the foam mattress online. You can look up detailed reviews on sites like www.memoryfoamcenter.com.

The only cons of the memory foam mattress is that it tends to need more care than the normal mattress, but can also differ with the kind of brand. Nevertheless the pros out power the cons by far given the quality of the memory form

one of the main pros of the memory foam mattresses is the guarantee of a healthy and Perfect Sleep. Sleep is the natural gift that helps you relax and rest from a very busy day or night. You need to enjoy the every bit of the time spent while sleeping. Excess sleep can make your schedule fail and not meeting the target. With memory foam mattress you are rest assured that it would give you the perfect sleep waking up fresh and ready to go.

Features advantages of the Memory Foam

With that in mind there are basic features that you need to look for when purchasing memory foam mattress. Here are the features, which come with an advantage to using the memory foam mattresses:

This is a fundamental guide of buying memory foam mattresses. You need to understand the price you will pay for and whether you are willing and able to pay for it.

Memory foam mattresses come with different sizes from single, double and king size. It will solely depend with the bed frame that this mattress will perfectly fit also with the shape. Over-sized or undersized mattress will not give the desired pleasure. You should know whether the desired mattress would sustain your body weight or that of your spouse.

This is what will make you pay for the memory foam mattress. Quality is always an assured goal for our products. We understand that quality and price are tied making it our most area of consideration.

Temperature sensitiveness
A suitable memory foam mattress is that which is warm and makes you feel like adding an extra hour in bed. Our mattress offers this and the pressure that is required of it. Psychologically you will y exited knowing where you are headed for sleeping.

Material Make
This will determine the size of the memory foam mattress. It is made to suit every class of people and the materials do not have any effects attached to them.

As a priority for any buyer, it is vital to know what you are buying. Information gathered will help you select the best memory foam mattress and which stalls sell in either retail or wholesale.


The Firmness of a mattress, right density and the thickness of the mattress matters make it just perfect for sleep. The memory foam mattresses vary from a 1 inch to 10 or 12-inch mattress. It also comes with a longer period of the warrant; a good memory mattress comes with a good pillow too. One may have a good mattress and finds out the pillow is also bad, adding a good pillow to the memory foam mattress gives you the comfort and uninterrupted nights and very fresh mornings, that one has been dreaming about.

The company that you choose to buy the mattress from should have a good delivery mode and you will always feel that you want the day to end so can throw your tired body in the memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses have a repute background hence a rich experience from the manufacturer to the ultimate seller. Having and producing the best is what makes memory foam mattress have an increased sale generally. As a customer, you should have a guide to help you in buying the ultimate memory foam mattress of your choice.

Sewing Machine Buyer’s Guide

janome-sewing-machineIt’s very easy to get confused along the way when buying sewing machines. You’re dealing with brands, features, prices and so much more. And because of this, it can be so hard figuring out where to start. So if you’re purchasing a sewing machine for the first time, this buying guide will help you choose the correct thing:

The brand

You’ll come across different brands when shopping for these machines. There is Singer, Janome, Brother, Husqvarna Viking, White Pfaff, Juki and many more. When it comes to brands, you have to think about the construction of the machine as well as the place it’s made from. Unlike recent years, many sewing machines no longer have parts made from metal. Instead, they substitute those parts with plastic materials, and this can sacrifice on durability and precision. A great resource is www.sewingauthority.com for buying guides and detailed reviews.

When it comes to location, consider whether buying a machine made in your country matters to you. If it does, look for a brand that says, ”Made in Your Country name” right out of the box. The Janome family of sewing machines are ideal because they are priced well, consistent, well-built and also easy to use in relation to sewing levels. Other brands like the Bernina and Husqvarna Viking are good, only that they are pricey and ideal for people who are ready to make a jump in the price-point of sewing machines.


Sewing machines resemble cars, only that they’re not all the same. To know what you want to buy, think about your projects and go for a machine that suits your needs. These machines come in a vast array of features to consider. Some of them come with one-step buttonholes, others allow for stretch stitches, specialty feet capabilities as well as quilting features. Now the thing is, you must get a good machine which is not too basic that you outgrow it so quickly.

But on the other hand, never get carried away by talks that tell you about machines you know you should have, i.e. machines with special digital features. Instead, think about what you want a sewing machine for, and go down the road with a plan. Again, tag a friend along if they know a thing or two about sewing machines. They can help you out when salesmen try impressing you with their machines and any shiny features they might be having. Lastly, make sure you’ve given the machine you want a test drive. They’re similar to cars.


Quality is never cheap. Again, quality doesn’t necessarily mean all the bells and whistles found on sewing machines. On the other hand, you don’t want to go for the cheapest thing out there. Instead, you want to go for the best machine that your money will buy. Mid-range prices for Janome machines will cost you anywhere between $300 and $600. However, if you purchase a $100-worth machine, just have realistic expectations of how it will perform in relation to a costly one. You see, machines constructed of plastic offer less precision since it’s just too hard to strike it right with plastic. So the more you pay for a machine, the better the results will be.


Those are the main points to consider when purchasing sewing machines. Don’t be fleeced of your hard-earned money when you can go for the correct thing.